Monday, July 26, 2010

Internets Radio

Over the weekend I ran across the thumb drive that had all my iTunes songs from before the last laptop meltdown. Tons of songs that I haven't had access to since I switched to the Nano. I was in geeky heaven as I moved all the songs onto the current laptop and then into playlists on the Nano. I've talked before about how much my iShuffle & its music helped me cope with those last months at my previous job (aka "Hell"). As I clicked away on songs I hadn't heard in months, I could almost see the white-knuckled grip of my sanity still clutching them. It's nice to have these songs back in rotation, and I think I'm going to share some with you.

This song reminds me of an old friend, many years ago, and summer nights with blue-black skies... exactly what a summer night should be.

Someone in my feed reader posted this video. It's probably been around forever & a day, but I just found it and it amused me.

Not that anyone cares, but the first time I ever shopped at Trader Joe's was for sea salt after I got something or other pierced. The whole TJ's vibe weirded me out and I didn't go back for years until just recently. It was one busy, busy day and we were in Folsom and I was hungry and cranky and with limited options, I hit Joe's. Got a fantastic little salad & some BBQ Pulled "Chicken" and the best fruit popsicles I have ever had. I haven't quite gotten on board with using Joe's for my regular weekly shopping, but for some things, definitely.

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loki's Dad said...

I know you don't eat meat, but I'm still in a yummy bbq buzz from last nights tri-tip steaks from TJ. Seriously, tri-tip steak .. has anybody else thought of that?
The low fact vegetarian pizza's went away and that is a damn shame. They were pretty awesome.