Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Really Long List Blog Sort of on a Theme. Or Not.

I'm really cranky. Have a (really long) list blog:

1. I don't like chihuahuas. What I find very amusing is that whenever I mention this, invariably someone tells me that if I just met this chihuahua, I'd change my mind. And then they go on to describe the exact reasons I don't like them in the first place.

Now, I'm not a complete asshole, and I'm willing to admit that it's possible that there are chihuahuas that I might like. But every last one I have met, or even heard about, runs around acting like the alpha, which is how chihuahuas end up loud and neurotic and annoying as fuck. Because they're wee, most people don't seem to think this is a problem, because it's not like they're going to hurt anyone. But not letting your dog be the alpha is about more than just whether or not it might hurt someone. It's about owning a happy, well adjusted member of your little society and not an irritating punt-target.

In Sacramento County, chihuahuas seem to be very popular. Or not. Checking local shelter listings reveals chihuahuas and pit bulls and occasionally some other kind of dog.

2. Speaking of local shelters, this past weekend's adventures have left me thinking more & more about getting a second dog. It would be kind of nice to have a dog that wouldn't sleep through a full blown brawl breaking out right outside her window. I'm still not sure what kind of dog I want, but I'm thinking getting a second pit bull will not be the correct answer. Not if I want something that might act like it would potentially guard something.

3. Oh, last weekend's adventures? Remember these neighbors? Well, the kid had another part Saturday night. This isn't usually a big deal, he's had several parties since the last big problem, so I wasn't too worried. To begin with. But it got real clear pretty fast that this was a big party. And things weren't going as smoothly as they normally do, although it wouldn't be clear until later that there were signs things were heading south.

SweetPea woke me up after midnight because she heard yelling. I listened, because it's not uncommon for party goers to be too loud on their way back to their vehicles. But this sounded angry and there was a lot of it. I snuck out to the front door to check it out. We had left the front door open and the security door provides privacy for peeping. Our street was filled with people. The mass was moving one way and then the other, shouting and angry. It was like watching a school of fish in an aquarium.

Then it suddenly turned violent.

I hopped up to call the police out and when I came back, the mom from that house had emerged. She was yelling about how she had called the cops and if you didn't want to be arrested tonight, you should be gone before they got here. The crowd dispersed quickly and a total of seven patrol cars, including at least one K9 unit, arrived. After everything was said and done and the last cop left, three guys appeared like cockroaches walking down the street back to the Bad House. This is how we found out that, apparently, this all started because one kid had the wrong gang tattoos.

I mean. Seriously? I'm guessing these kids don't realize this, but they're all white. Not only are they all white, but they live in fucking suburbia and at least half of them come from upper middle class homes. OH cry me a river you fucking douchebags.

This is totally why I need (and probably shouldn't have) a shotgun.


4. Where was my "vicious pit bull" through all of this? Asleep. In her bed in the office. Under the window that fronts the street where all this was going down. Really?

5. The guy who sits facing me on the other side of the cubicle walls has been sick for almost two weeks. Which hasn't kept him home, of course. I'm not sure whether I'm more pissed off about the potential of me getting sick because of him for the second time since I moved into this desk, or if I'm more pissed off because I'm sick and tired of listening to his constant piggy snorts. By the way, if I actually do get sick, it will only be the second time since I've moved to this desk, and both times because he comes to work sick. I can't even discuss it with anyone because we're borrowing space in another office, so it's not like I can ask my boss to send him home.

6. I discovered Wholly Guacamole. Which now comes in single serve packets. Consider yourselves forewarned: Wholly Guacamole in Single Serve packets is like crack. Tasty, tasty crack that is ridiculously good for you. I've been having eggs for breakfast for the sole purpose of topping them with guac. It is so good.

7. That's it for today. You're welcome. Maybe I'll be less crabby some other day. Or not.

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