Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Fitness Update: I Know You've Missed It

Today I put to bed the sixth week of Podrunner Intervals, First Day to 5K. I have three weeks left of the program, but there are no more intervals left. Just warmup, run, cool down. Today I hit 6K in the total time. I should close out the final week, week 9, on August 11th, and then I run my very first 5K race on August 14th.

Yeah, I'm kind of excited.

I've also got a whole list of other events I want to do, including the AIDS Run in September, and an 8K and 10K in October.

Those last two are both trail runs. The thought of trail running excites me. I remember being out on trails a lot as a kid with my dad. Not running, necessarily, just exploring.

SweetPea is kind of worried about me trail running. I told her I'd be fine. I'm part mountain goat. She said that explained the beard.

After I close out the last week of 5K training, I think I'm going to move on to half-marathon training. I really want to run the BSIM next year, but I guess I should plan a half before I try a full. So I'm looking for a training plan, if anyone has one to share. The part I don't get is running at pace and keeping at a certain pace. I can't figure out how to tell if I'm keeping a certain pace or not.

My pace right now?

Is a little all over the map. Overall, it's pretty good. It would just be nice if it was more of a straight line. And I know that any half marathon training plan I use will have intervals of some kind, speed work, tempo work, and I don't know how to keep myself on target.


Anyway. I know I haven't talked much about this stuff here, not like I used to, because I've moved that to its own separate blog. The last two months or so have been yoga and intervals and the June Challenge (which is still going on, even though it's July) and you know what? As of Tuesday, I'm down 18 pounds since May 26th. Not bad, right? I want to add swimming, maybe to my Sundays, and I also know I need to add strength training at some point. Somehow.

I know, super exciting, right? Or not.

You're welcome!

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