Monday, July 19, 2010

The Weekend of Don't: Three Movies & Crepeville

SweetPea and I had a weekend of "Don'ts".

Starting here:

Just. No.

Then here:

This movie was just a vehicle for not even very creative gross "jokes".

And. Well, ok. In retrospect, this one wasn't quite as bad as the other two, but Kristen Stewart really stinks the place up:

My first thought was "does she realize she's not playing Bella Swan?" but then we watched the extras and the director said that she was "incapable of being false", which, if I'm not mistaken, is contradictory to the actual definition of "acting". And not even a tit shot.


Next up on the Weekend of No is Crepeville. Now, I almost feel bad about ripping these guys to y'all, but, really, I have a reason. We actually went twice last week. The first time I got the tofu crepe, which was pretty tasty, although I never quite figured out the point of wrapping the filling in a crepe. Personally, I'd have put it in a bowl, potatoes on the bottom, filling on top. Tada! But it wasn't bad. Service was kind of. Um. Sluggish. OK, here's my deal. If you want your establishment to be largely self-service, fine, I get that. But if you have wait staff and you keep your beverage bar behind the counter, then your wait staff should be expected to refill beverages. That's my opinion, anyway.

Crepeville tries to be both self service and staffed and does it in a way that just doesn't really work. Do I really have to walk my cup all the way up to the counter & hope the guy's standing there to get my drink refilled? Is that even cost effective?

We went again on Saturday for a super late breakfast. I ordered the eggs, which came with potatoes & a bagel or toast. When the server delivered my plate, she dropped half of my toast on the table. Made a comment about "at least it landed on the table" and then walked away.

Crepeville, I ask you: what the fuck was that?

Now, let me be honest here that a fair portion of this comes from the place of "don't fuck with the fat girl's food", but, seriously, I can't imagine there is any excuse for assuming a customer is ok with eating their food off the table. Unless that's your restaurant's shtick, I think it's reasonable to assume that you serve food on plates for a reason.

I'm kind of sad that I'll never have a dessert crepe from Crepeville. But I really have no desire to spend my money somewhere that thinks this type of service is acceptable.


OK, I know I promised you more Horse Camp photos but I suck and they are still on the camera! I know, right? Soon. Really. I think.

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