Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Monday Morning Shoes

You know it's a Monday when you somehow manage to bring two separate shoes to put on for work. And, of course, the pants you're wearing are too long to wear with JUST the bright orange flip flops you left the house in. Oh, yes, you did.

On the plus side, the "emergency kit" in the hatch of your van contains two pairs of heels. Yes. Because some of our emergencies are different than others. Unfortunately, because this is, you remember, Monday, neither pair of heels is black. That would be too easy. Each is a different shade of brown, and you have a vague recollection that these may not be the most comfortable or well fitting heels you've ever owned. Also there's the small matter that both pairs are sandals and you maybe haven't had a pedicure since shortly after the dawn of time.

So you pick a pair and put them on, hoping for the best, and find them miraculously well-fitting.


Ha. Now, look there, how you got all excited and FORGOT IT WAS MONDAY.

Your shoes fit surprisingly well and you grab up your things, lock your van and head into the office.

And you discover the problem with these shoes.

The elastisized strap whose purpose is to keep the sandal attached to your heel? Doesn't so much work. Maybe it's retired. Or maybe it's that one lazy person that works in your office YOU KNOW WHO I MEAN. Regardless, it's given up the ghost and walking is now something of a challenge.

Which is just super, considering that just this morning you restarted the "First Day to 5k" training program and now your shins are a hateful circle of hell that would make Dante proud, and walking is already a special kind of joy.

And this is how you know it's Monday and you really should have stayed in bed. But at least you're not wearing shorts to work.

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