Tuesday, June 01, 2010

June 1, 2010

This morning I did the 5:30am yoga class. I liked it a lot. A lot. It had the vibe of those first classes I took with Eli, almost like it was closer to a more holistic, meditative yoga rather than a stretchy, strengtheny class at a gym. Of course, it was stretchy and strengtheny, too, and the moves were harder than the ones used in the gentle yoga class.

An excellent start to the morning, I think.

Yesterday, SweetPea and I discussed, er, and discussed some more and have come up with a challenge of sorts. We went back & forth about whether this would be a "goal" or a "competition". Personally, I really don't want to compete with her on this, but I would enjoy being able to support each other and be on the same "team". Most of the time we only eat one meal a day together, so there are a whole lot of choices being made independent of each other's influence.

Anyway, here are the goals for June:

1. No Dairy
A. Milk
B. Cheese
C. Cottage cheese
D. Yogurt
E. Sour cream
F. Ice cream

2. No Soda
A. High Fructose Corn Syrup
B. Aspartame

3. No Junk Food
A. Cake/Cupcake/etc
B. Chips
C. Candy
D. French Fries

We broke the list down into subcategories to clarify and specify. The dairy section was easy, but I think sometimes we forget. Plus I didn't want to get too nit picky like "caramel contains dairy!" because the goal is not to become completely abstinently non-dairy. Soda because SweetPea suggested we just drop everything carbonated, which would eliminate my Go Girls (which contain neither offending ingredient) and beer for gods' sakes! So I specified my reason behind eliminating "soda" and we clarified. This also leaves open sodas without the HFCS or aspartame in case either of us has a complete neurotic breakdown and has to have something sweet & bubbly. As for "No Junk Food". Well, that had to be specified lest chips & french fries turn into "veggies" and, clearly, acceptable under the ban.


I plan on adding this challenge to the side bar so we can keep track. I also plan on adding a "wish list" of programs I'd like to sample. I may also start a product wish list. Not because I expect anyone to start buying me things, but more as a way of keeping track and prioritizing what I'd like to spend my money on.

I also plan on doing my lunchtime 5k, and I'll be updating this post with that information afterwards.

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Danni said...

You're giving up two of the things I'm pretty sure I'd have mental breakdown without... ice cream and french fries. I don't eat them all the time, but if I tried to take them out of my diet completely I'd be done for.

Good call on keeping the beer though. I'd have done the same. ;)

All that being said, good luck!