Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31, 2010

This morning I got up early and hit the gym for my first morning workout in, literally, months. I did the "Get Your Body Back", phase one, routine. I'll post details of the routine tomorrow, if I remember. Last time I got halfway through phase two before having my crisis of faith and ditching all manner of exercise for weeks. Which may not speak well to this strength training routine. *ahem*

I'm not feeling it nearly as much as I feel like I should. If tomorrow is the same, then next time I'll be going from two sets to three. Although I'm not entirely sure how much that will help.


My plan for the week is to do the weight routine Monday, Wednesday and Friday; morning yoga Tuesday and Thursday; lunchtime 5k Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Sounds like a great plan! Hope I'll keep it up.

I got on the gym scale while I was there and confirmed that SweetPea's mom's scale is smoking crack. It was down, but only about two pounds.

We'll see how that looks next Monday.

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