Friday, June 04, 2010

Furlough Friday Randomosity

Random thoughts on a Furlough Friday:

1. I get back on the scale Monday or Tuesday to check my progress from June Challenge and all the yoga (and other stuff) I've been doing. I'm excited but scared. What if there's no change? What if it's higher? I'm not entirely sure I could take it. I have to keep on my A-Game throughout the weekend so I don't ruin the work I've done this week.

2. Only two more Furlough Fridays left. One is even the last day of school! Most excellent. MonkeyDo and I have a Furlough Friday Breakfast Tradition, and I'm thinking the last one should be special. Maybe we'll make it open invite and see who wants to join us.

3. Someone on my facebook once said that some friendships have expiration dates. I've been thinkingg about that a lot the last couple of days. I've been missing that summer when you could tell it was Friday because suddenly my phone was blowing up with "what are we doing this weekend?"

In fairness, there's been so much going on with SweetPea and I, so many things demanding or attention or needing to be worked on or worked out, it wouldn't really be fair to try to start new friendships right now. It's been hard, but I imagine it would be harder still while trying to juggle other people, as well.

Maybe in the future we can find some friends less likely to have expiration dates.


4. I really, really enjoy yoga.

Ok. That's all I've got for right now. I hope y'all have a great weekend! I may not be back until Monday.

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