Thursday, June 17, 2010

Down Dogs, Plum Dogs & Suffragettes

For those of you who don't follow the fitness blog, I've started back with the "First Day to 5k" Podrunner Intervals. I just finished Week One, which, I'm embarassed to say, is remarkably further than I got the last time I tried this. What's more is that I actually feel strong and like I can do this. Yeah it kicks my ass but when I'm finished and I've done it it is so awesome because I did this thing that was impossible so very recently.

What intervals look like on my pace-o-meter.

The Podrunner program is 9 weeks, which puts me on track for being able to run the Susan B. Anthony 5k. Even though I'm not entirely sure what Susan B. Anthony has to do with 5k. They also have an Elizabeth Cady Stanton 1/2 Miler for kids. It looks like they have pretty neat prizes for top finishers, so, clearly, I have to win the race.


Yeah, I know that's a total Yeah, right! but whatever. A girl's gotta have delusions dreams, right?

I'm totally going to mention this on my fitness blog, too, but I was looking for a weekend yoga class through my gym and discovered that their location in Folsom is doing a special "Summer Solstice" yoga: 108 Sun Salutations!

Can you imagine? They've got the class scheduled for 2 hours, and I am really excited about it. I love Sun Salutations (and the fact that I can do them!), so I really want to try to make this and see how long I can go. Maybe I'll make all of them, maybe not, but I think it's going to be awesome fun to try.

This is about average for the "snacks" I've been bringing for at work. I try to hold out and keep them for afternoon, because that's when I'm most likely to start stress eating. Honestly, the fruit is really not fulfilling in that capacity, but it's something for me to eat that's light years better than what I might otherwise have.

Is it weird that plums remind me of Tatiana? Or that I bought plums from the store even though I have a Big Ass Plum Tree in my backyard?

Speaking of which, MonkeyDo says there are a shit-ton* of plums on the tree, but they're not ready, yet. If you like plums, let me know!

*Technical term.

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