Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17, 2010

I totally overslept this morning & didn't make my am yoga class. How lame is that? Even lamer is that I realized, only ten minutes before class was to start, that all I needed to do was throw on my yoga clothes and make a run for it, and I probably did have plenty of time to do that.


And then I was less than five minutes from work when I realized that I should have packed my gear for a Lunchtime 5K to make up for missing yoga.

Lame lame lame.


I was checking out the gym website to find another yoga class for Friday or the weekend, and I checked the calendar for the Folsom location and guess what they're doing Saturday morning?

A special Summer Solstice yoga session: 2 hours, 15 minutes, 108 Sun Salutations! That just sounds so awesome and so insane and I promptly added it to my calendar because I'd really like to try that. Can I do 108? I don't know. But I can try. And if I can't, I can at least do as many as I can before I can't do anymore.

So maybe I'm weird, but it sounds like a fun time.

The Tuesday/Thursday morning yoga instructor has this really awesome round yoga mat which I covet in serious ways. I've been searching various yoga sites for it with no luck until I finally googled "round yoga mat" and ta-da! And, also, ta-da!

A little spendy, but I'm smacking that on the wishlist because it's totally awesome!

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