Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 24, 2010

Today's walk: 5.1km, 57:21 minutes, pace average 10:56 minutes per km (approximately).

I say approximately because my Nike+ stopped recognizing the sensor about three minutes in and I had to stop to get that fixed. I used the pace for the remaining 54 minutes of my walk, because I figure that's more accurate, anyway.

The walk itself was really good. It was about 64 degrees, overcast with a breeze. I felt so good the whole time and I even felt good at the end. It was awesome! The only sucky part was having to pee. I went before I left the building, and I kid you not I had to go again as soon as I cleared the parking lot! I ended up stopping at a taqueria on the last half and felt infinitely better afterwards!

Here's what my Nano had to say about my walk. I believe that line is my pace. Which, you know, is all over the place. Nifty.

This is what I had for lunch. And grapes. And then a glass of chocolate almond milk. I was hungry.

After I got home, I changed again, ate half of a Luna Bar (S'mores!) and then headed out to Mixed Levels Yoga at my gym. It kicks my ass in a good way and totally fills me with joy.

Poses I can't do:

Bow pose
Shoulder stands (or the Plough)
Boat pose (I can kind of do the partial or beginner)
There was another that was an inverted back bend and I can't find a listing for it that seems like what she wanted us to do. But I couldn't do that one.

There are also lots of positions that I can do that I'm proud of. She did a modified Eagle Pose where the "up" leg was just tucked up and not twisted over the top of the standing leg. She also did Downward Facing Dog pose several times and Dolphin pose, which was nice.

I like doing the Warrior poses because they're challenging. Last night she did the Warrior II pose with the addition of pulling back the bow. I like the twisting poses.

After yoga I had a small bowl of the veggie stew I'd made in the crockpot and a slice of sourdough bread. It was a good dinner.

This was such a great day for me, exercise & nutrition wise! I am so excited!

I posted on twitter that I think days like this should automatically earn me a 10 pound weight loss. At my weight, that's not a whole lot, but it's plenty to beef up my encouragement.

Sounds reasonable, right?

Now we're on to today and we'll see what I can get myself into.

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