Wednesday, February 03, 2010

If Wishes Were Carts

I got my bag (mostly) packed last night. Everything was (mostly) ready to go for the morning.

My alarms went off and I was actually conscious when I turned them off.

And then lay in bed debating my fate.

Eventually deciding screw the gym, I'd just stay home.


I snuggled back down in bed and proceeded to explore the internets on my cell phone until my "Pack up!" alarm went off.

And then I had a short but animated argument with myself, heaved a big sigh, and dragged myself off to the gym.

What was the winning argument?

I didn't want to shower at home again.


Well, you see, when I shower at home, I take really super hot, scalding showers. Because I can. And it feels so nice. In fact, it feels so nice that I tend to get sidetracked mid-wash by the gloriousness of just standing there in the super hot water.

This is all well and good and, when I'm home, timing isn't usually an issue, so it doesn't matter that it takes me a little bit longer than it should to get back out again.

The problem, however, is all that super hot, scalding water, sucks the moisture out of my skin and leaves me feeling positively parched. And no amount of oils or lotions has managed to stem that parched feeling.

I just couldn't take the thought of another parching shower.

So I dragged my ass out of bed, grabbed my stuff, and went to the gym.

Quite possibly the strangest reason, ever, for going, but it got me there, so I guess that's a "win". Right?

See? Proof!

In related news, I think I need a detox program for food. Not like one of those Master Cleanser type things, but where I could actually go somewhere and have no choice but eating the right things for a couple of months until I don't crave crap anymore.

Seriously, we can cut people open at will, but we can't make healthy living programs more common and more serious?

Don't we just have the cart before the horse?

Speaking of which, I read an article this morning that talked about how childbirth related deaths in California are up for this most recent decade. They're blaming unnecessary inductions and Cesarean sections. Imagine that. Interfering with Ma Nature actually has consequences? No way!

The last thing I have to share today is that I'm going to yoga tonight after two weeks off. I'm very excited about going, but not quite so excited about all the driving it's going to take to get me there. I'm even debating taking "jammies" and having a shower & change before I leave, so I can crawl my stretchy, zen ass into bed once I finally do get home.

Ooh, hey. I'm excited already.

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