Friday, February 05, 2010

Energy Work Perplexions

I went last night to a class that covered some of the (very) basics of Aromatherapy. Granted, the information wasn't anything new or revolutionary for me, but part of that may have been that we attendees spent so much time on derailed conversations that we probably didn't cover as much material in as much detail as we should have.

I picked up a lot of not quite related information, which was good, and made some connections with some people who can probably help fine tune what I do and possibly even provide tools and connections when I'm ready to move forward with an aromatherapy line.

One of the things that was discussed last night is this thing called Zenith Omega. Similar to Reiki in that it uses energy fields and colors for purposes of physical and spiritual healing.

If you've never heard of this (as I hadn't), here's a video that kind of gives you an idea what it's about:

After I watched that, I watched this video on Reiki:

Because I'm more familiar with the basic concepts of Reiki, but have never seen or had any Reiki work done.

I find these kinds of things interesting, but I also find myself skeptical of them. Especially because both methods also include long-distance energy healing. I don't know why that makes me more suspicious, but it does. I can certainly understand (and have experienced) hands on energy manipulation, but long-distance just seems less plausible to me.

Which I guess is just silly, because I have, really, experienced something similar to that, as well. Have you ever been thinking of someone only to have them call at that moment? Isn't that, largely, the same thing? That spiritual connection we all have, right?

Anyway. I guess the point is that I find myself torn between feeling like these are perfectly reasonable, rational things and feeling like they're just hokey mumbo-jumbo that doesn't really work.

Maybe this is one of the drawbacks of having a brain so comfortable in both the critical thinking realm and the creative realm.

What are your thoughts on Zenith Omega and Reiki?

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i have only beef rolfed and i can report that it hurts like hell!!!