Monday, February 08, 2010

Marching In

Ordinarily I don't watch football.

Not that I don't like it, mind you, or don't understand it. I have a pretty good handle on how it's played, although I have to say that I've never quite figured out exactly what the deal is with the whole "first and ten" (etc) business. I get the basic concept and I know what's going on when I'm watching it.

I'm just not a big sports watcher. I tend to get too involved and, well, I'm kind of a screamer.

Yes, I am the type that curses at the television as though it's going to do any good.

Generally it's just easier for me to avoid it, to not get too attached to it and to go about my normal life.

But the Super Bowl isn't football. It's the Super Bowl. And you watch the damn Super Bowl.

Because I don't watch football, I don't have a "team", but you had to know that the Saints were The Team going into the game yesterday.Not only the sentimental favorite because of Katrina, but just to look back at how far the team has come from consistently losing to getting to the Super Bowl it's the stuff that makes Super Bowl legends.

I was a little worried in the first half. It seemed like any time a Saint got his hands on the ball, he suddenly turned into a Weeble and his legs couldn't hold him up any more. It seemed like they were gaining yardage by the fistful, but not making any real progress.

On the other hand, of course, the fact that the Saints maintained possession of the ball for the majority of the first half. (Which was a damn good thing, given the efficiency with which the Colts were scoring points when they were in possession) There were also the three field goal kicks from past the 40 yard line that were good.

After the half, more of the Saints maintaining possession. And there was that challenged call and you just knew that if the Saints only won by two points it would go down like Bush vs. Gore. And then, out of the blue it was


And there was time left on the clock, but you knew it was over.

And just because it's the Super Bowl doesn't mean it's going to be a good game. I'm sure we all know those Super Bowl stories.

This, though. This was the kind of game that makes me wonder why I don't watch football.

*No, I don't know when I became a sports blogger. Shut it.

**Yes, I have some things to say about the commercials. Especially that one and that other one.

***Yes, I actually have some other things to tell you about, too. I'll get to it.

****Yes, a femme just wrote about football like she knew what she was talking about. If that actually surprises you, maybe you're reading the wrong blog.


Jude said... who helped you write this posting?? ;)

Actually, it was a very good summary of the game.

My take on the commercials....they sucked. Very disappointing, the only one that stands out for me is Snickers with Betty White. Put Betty White in anything and it's going to be good.

So what's next for you? Basketball or NASCAR?

dolphyngyrl said...

The commercials were very disappointing and, holy cow, with that whole machismo thing! I mean, I know it's a man sport & all, but does toting around a tiny tv really make you more of a man?

As for basketball... Honey, my home team is the Sacramento Kings and if there was ever a team to turn a person off basketball it would be the Sacramento Kings!

Not that I haven't watched them in the playoffs or anything.

I think next up, honestly.. Well, hell, Roller Derby season is gearing up again. Hee hee.

Wine Dog said...

Three words. Golden State Warriors.