Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Single Dog Blues

It's a really, really good thing that I've come to terms with the fact that we're not ready to add a second dog, yet.

Even though there's still a hole in our hearts and our household from the passing of Tatiana over the summer, I know that we're just not ready.

I want to hold off on adding a second dog until our house is in order and our finances a little more stable. Until we have the ability to give two dogs the right kind of love and care and attention. We're just not there right now, and that's ok.

And it's a damn good thing that I really do know that because, sometimes, WineDog is an asshole and posts pictures like this:

Sweet William

WineDog was transporting William on one leg of his journey to the safety of a rescue organization. I know that I'm not ready for a new dog, but the picture was just so gorgeous and sometimes I'm an idiot, so I googled Northern California Doberman Rescue and ended up here.

Adoptable Pet List?

Which led to a flat search for Akitas.

Which led me to check in with Bad Rap.

And, yes, of course the first thing I did was check out their Adoptable Pet List.

And just look at this beautiful girl:

SuzieQ has her own blog!

Sometimes I feel so much like I have to rescue all the dogs that seem like they'd be a good fit for our family. When I look into those eyes and feel like that dog is "ours". It's so much work to remember that we can't take in every dog we like and that, when we're ready, the right dog really will find us.

In my heart of hearts, the lovely fantasy I have for my life, I want to live on a huge plot of land and own lots and lots of dogs. All kinds of makes and models. A riotous chorus of baying, wagging, fluffy love. At least that's how it works out in my head. I'd also be happy to live somewhere that I didn't have to worry about Gomi singing her "O Woe Is Me!" song at the buttcrack of Oh-dark-thirty. But I guess that's another matter.

And, for now, her spoiled highness has to stay an only dogchild.

Napping on mom's knee.

You can see how disappointed she is.

Ooh. I think she needs a bath today.


Loki's Dad said...

You, my dear, have just described my retirement. I'm gonna drop an airstream on a couple of acres in B.F. Egypt and take in every stray critter I can get my hands on, and BE THAT GUY.

dolphyngyrl said...

If we get our Giant Plot o'Land first, you're more than welcome to land your airstream with us.

Or we could build you a Yurt.

Whatever! :)