Sunday, January 31, 2010

Californian Ponderances

I'm typing this while sitting in a Straw Hat Pizza surfing their wifi after a yummy dinner.

Straw Hat Pizza advertises itself as "Genuine California Pizza".

Which got me thinking.

This is not the first time I've seen food advertised as uniquely Californian. I wonder if they do this in other states?

Can you get "Genuine California Pizza" in Ohio?

Or would you get "Genuine Ohio Pizza" in Ohio?

Are they pandering to our ego as Californians?

Does this happen in other states?

Isn't any food eaten in California automatically & by default "Californian"?


This is the weird shit I wonder about.

You're welcome.


Jude said...

I only eat "genuine New York Pizza", then I know it's going to be the real, nice and greasy authentic pizza. And yes, it can be found in California, it's rare.

California pizza in New York? Not a chance.

kristy said...

Forgive me, it's one of my worst traits, but I will never miss an opportunity to bitch about California's version of pizza. It exists, it's a definite "type" of pizza, and it is awful. (NY is the standard by which all other pizzas should be judged, btw.) (Though I will acknowledge Chicago.)

Wine Dog said...

Straw Hat? Really? There is a California Pizza but that ain't it. It's goat cheese and artichokes and bizarre shit that those East Coast snobs would never consider putting on a pizza, which is why it's Californian. It can be grilled in Napa on a barbeque, it's not in a box. It's out of the box. That's why it's California Pizza.

dolphyngyrl said...

I've noticed mostly that "California" stuff features avocados. And/or sour cream. And/or chicken. And/or bacon.

But that could just be me. :)