Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dog Gone Good Day

She had a bath and spent the whole time doing the Scaredy Cat Leg Shake. Then we went to the Big Box Pet Store for a new collar and leash and a matching martindale collar. Or is it martingale? Anyway! She's all matchy-matchy now. I also got her some doggy deodorant spray, because she was still pretty smelly after her bath.

I mean... I love her but pew!

My favorite part is the way she's all fluffy after she gets blown dry.

Her favorite part is "holy crap, it's over!" And the part where there were all kinds of other dogs at the Big Box Pet Store.

I have to say, though, I found it kind of rude that the counter lady suggested their training classes when it's not like Gomi was barking at all the other dogs like SOME dogs. She was actually pretty good.



Syrlinus said...

OMG! WANT PUPPEH! (don't show K or she'll WANT PUPPEH TOO!)

dolphyngyrl said...

I can totally mail her to you. I don't mind.