Friday, December 18, 2009

Scrub a Dub Tub

Glory, glory, hallelujah, my Christmas vacation has begun!

I am so excited I could just spit! I thought this day would never come. Especially with all that Lame Ass Training, and two days at work, and all the crap we've been doing in the evenings. Errands. Wee.

Wednesday night, after all of our errands were done and the Monkeys were fixing to head to bed, I went into the kitchen and got my Laboratory on.

Is there something about Christmas coming that makes me feel crafty? Or is it just my obscene tighwadedness? The world may never know...

Anyhooters, I made a fistfull of scrubs to take to work to drop in stockings, and then filled some of my magic, beautiful blue jars with the rest. Oh, helloooo, Christmas presents!

I'm actually really excited about that, because this is the first time I've used the blue jars. These will, eventually, become the standard packaging for the Fat Femme Laboratory bath & body line. Because I dig me some cobalt blue jars! Today I printed up the fancy new labels I bought for the jars. I had to order them through a label supply company, but they fit the jars perfectly and they're weatherproof. Which means they should rock it in the shower, which is just super.

I'm excited.

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