Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Day My Ass

On December 7th, we had some truly awesome weather come through town: snow!

I know, I know! For some of you, snow is no big deal. Maybe it's a nuisance, maybe it's routine. For at least one of you, it's a wintertime business opportunity.

For us in the valley, snow is a pretty rare treat. Sure, we can drive just over half an hour and get to snow, but right here where we live? We get a dusting once every couple of years. It's pretty rare. Usually it's only cold enough to snow when it's clear. A storm rolling in tends to warm things up enough that we don't get snow.

Being promised three whole inches is pretty exciting. At least it is for a big dork like me. Waking up to a world of, well, kinda white was pretty cool.

It was really cool that we had snow and that it was sticking to things. I didn't get to see any snow falling, because that part was over by the time it was light enough to see by.

But I couldn't help thinking that it wasn't even that much coverage for an average winter's morning.

The next morning, the storm had moved on to torment the east, and we had a more normal winter's morning:

When you live in the valley, this is the kind of white Christmas you get.

And it was much, much colder than the morning it snowed.

Weather. It's weird.

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