Tuesday, December 01, 2009

How You Find Me

Because I love you (and I'm perplexed and vaguely alarmed), here's a list of recent keyword activity that's gotten visitors here (in no apparent order):

1. "let's go out to the kitchen and have ourselves a snack" - Looking for this?

2. "can you use an eyelet to stretch your piercing" - Short answer? NO. Related searches: "thin lobe stretch" and "im stretching my lobes and i have a fat spot". Somewhat related search: "ear pointing" (which is, by the way, still on my list of Things to Do).

3. I knew something like this would happen because of this post (and I hope all you pervs learned something new): "breasts'farm girl'"; "fan of breasts" (and, really, who isn't?); "weighlifter boobs" (wtf?); "pay to touch breasts"; "may I please touch your breasts"

4. There's always loads of searches relating to working for the state of California, particularly furloughs, exemptions and the govahnator. Maybe I should write some more posts about that?

5. "im ticklish pedicure" (don't forget to warn her beforehand!) and "what if i shaved 14 hours prior to pedicure"(I think you're fine).

6. And the most common single search item is "gudonyatoo". I wonder if I should ask for a kick back?

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