Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Please Touch Breasts

It might be possible that we at The Verbosery are unnaturally obsessed with the breast.

What can I say? I love tits.

Big, small, perky, not so much. What's not to love about the breast?

Because The Verbosery is such a big fan of the breast, we are definitely, definitely in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (a whole month dedicated to the boob!)

natural breasts
We're also particularly fond of the monthly breast self examination, and would like to encourage each of you to check your breasts, or the breasts of someone you love, every month.

Here are a couple of videos that show you how:

Now, I know some of you may not be as breast-obsessed as we are, but you should also know that men can get breast cancer, as well. Therefore, it's just as important that men preform a breast self exam on a regular basis. So, for the rest of you:

PS: All of the photos click through to where they're from, in case you're interested.

PPS: I planned on having more photos of man boobs, but they're really hard to find when you're not looking for dirty photos or plastic surgery promos. Did you know there are pectoral implants for that "weight lifter" look? Really?

PPPS: It should go without saying that The Verbosery only endorses touching the breasts of those that are willing to let you touch their breasts. Please ask first.


Anna said...

A great reminder I love boobs too and never heard of the partner check thanks! I did see a recent commercial that states they are now urging women to do the horizontal check because it is more accurate :-) ~ My mom is a survivor!

Wendy Hawksley said...

Everyone in our home is a fan of breasts - me, my husband, and our almost 7-year-old son.

I'm not sure who likes them more... My son self-weaned at 2 1/2, but he still seems to find comfort in being snuggled against my chest.

My husband is always more than happy to participate in the breast exams.

My mom is also a breast cancer survivor, as is her maternal aunt, and two maternal cousins!

So I am incredibly vigilant about my favorite body part (second only to my brain), because they made me feel so strong, special and womanly when my son was born.

Lili said...

I avoid breast exams. I know that's bad because I'm 45 with breast cancer close in the family, but still... I don't know what my problem is.:(

dolphyngyrl said...

w00t! Yay for Anna's & Wendy's mommas (and others) for kicking cancer's ass!

Lili, I'll admit it, I'm horrible about it. I have a wretched memory and "glandular" breasts, so I've got lots of various (perfectly benign) lumps and bumps, and I totally freak out every time I find one.