Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random Litany of Misdeeds

The Project:

I'm very pleased with the way the project is coming along. There have been a couple of minor set backs, but no big deal. I've even decided not to take it personally. I think someone with my (almost total) lack of experience with this medium would have had no way of knowing things like that might have happened.



I was hoping to get pictures up before leaving this week, but it's looking like that may not happen. On the plus side, though, the project should at least be done by then, and that makes me very happy.


Yes, I'm leaving.

But I'll be back. Swear!

Thursday I'll be flying on a jet plane down to sunny SoCal for work. I'll be back sometime in the pitch of night Friday night.

This is my first time getting on a plane in, um, 16 years.

Sheltered? Me? Maybe a little.

Of course this trip is perfectly timed to coincide with a few end-of-school-year activities at both Monkey's schools. So not only do I get to feel bad about leaving SweetPea to bear the full brunt of the child/home/grandpa gig for two days, but I get to feel bad about missing school functions.


I have to admit that I'd feel a lot worse about it, except that there's not much room left, what with all the preparing to be "at work" and "professional" and "on" for the better part of 42 hours. Straight.


By the time I get home, I may be ready to inject gin directly into my bloodstream.

I love my coworkers, y'all, don't get me wrong. I'm just not generally the kind of social that can gracefully handle being professionally social. Of course, it'll be "just us girls", and I might have mentioned how I've never really gotten along very well with girls or women or femmes or girlie girls. I don't know why, I just tend not to. So: extra fun!

Proposition 8

Sometime before the beginning of June we should be receiving the decision of the California Supreme Court in regards to Proposition 8. I've signed up to be notified by email when they post the announcement of when the decision will be released.

Of course I also check their website daily, just to be sure.

If their oral argument calendar is any indication, I would expect the decision to be released this week or next week.

My money is on Friday.


Because I'll be without access to a computer or Real Internets all freaking day.


They're totally releasing their decision Friday.

From the "No shit, Sherlock" files:

A therapist in Oklahoma is warning couples about the dangers of facebook cheating.



Hell, I don't even know where to go with that.

Do we really need that kind of warning? Really?

Congratulations, Tara Fritsch, for earning your 15 minutes of fame with a "no shit, Sherlock".

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