Friday, May 08, 2009

Proving I'm a Weirdo

I'm normally not prone to remembering my dreams, so it's always kind of amusing to me when I do remember then. I tend to have very odd dreams, which, I imagine, does not make me particularly unique.

It's not uncommon for the dreams that I remember to include some of my bloggy IIFs (Imaginary Internet Friends), which probably makes me weird, if not, necessarily, unique.

Last night I dreamt the Monkeys and I were in this big, weird house. Something large and '50's-esque, dim like it was night, with spotty lights and yellows. Loki's dad was there and insisting on making saffron cream for the Monkeys and I because we had to try it. And, of course, insisting he needn't bother. After all, the height of allergy season, I can barely smell, leaving taste largely a matter of guesswork.

There was more dream before that, and more dream after that, of course, but that's the part that stuck after I woke up.

Maybe the fact that I dream about people from the internet says things about me that I should be ashamed to admit, but y'all know that's never stopped me before.

Anyway. Hi! Saffron cream! Who knows what I just read? Elphie, put your hand down. I know you know.

I'm working on a new project for Fat Femme Laboratory this weekend. I've got approximately eleven hundred coats of paint left before it's completed and I expect things to get mighty tricky before it's done. I'm going to be more than a little surprised if I manage to get through without screwing something up and having to backtrack. Hopefully I'll be able to take photos Monday and get it listed by Tuesday. I'm actually really excited about it. It's an idea I've had for awhile now, and I think it's just super cute and I think I'm not the only one that will think so. I also didn't find anything like it while I was searching around online.

I also had (yet another) totally random idea for a project for FFL that I'd like to work on soon. Of course, I have to buy things for it. Totally the story of my life - I'm always missing at least one thing. I have no idea where the idea came from, and have been insisting that it's totally not my style. SweetPea, on the other hand, thinks it's totally my style. One of us is, clearly, delusional.

I'm also hoping to get more prints listed over at Busted Knuckle Photography this weekend. I've also got some things up my sleeve regarding both the shop and the blog, and those will be coming up soon.

It always feels like I have so much I should be doing, or could be doing. I wonder if there'll ever be a point where I feel like I'm caught up, in a groove, riding the wave instead of paddling out to it.

Oh, well. I guess that's the story of my life, too.

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Loki's Dad said...

I'm honored, except I'm not entirely sure what saffron cream is. I am, however, making pistachio saffron ice cream this weekend. In your honor.