Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Update of Sorts

Totally Random Crap from my Life:

1. Yesterday, on the drive to work, I spotted a car with a license plate frame that read "My other dog is a guide dog". And you're driving? Does DMV know about this?

2. Open House season is fast approaching for the Monkeys' schools. This year, we're fortunate that they're back to back, one Thursday, the next Friday. It's going to get a tad tricky, though. Thursday's is at MonkeySee's school, right after MonkeyDo's talent show through her after school program. So there's going to be some fair bit of a scramble there.

The best part?

I won't even be in town.

I'll be in another part of the state for those two days for work. I totally feel bad about missing this stuff for the kids. Of course, I get to have a bed all to myself and a tv with actual programming and full control of the remote. I'm trying to console myself with that. It's mostly working.

3. Over the weekend we found the biggest chair ever.


4. I'm enjoying immensely making all kinds of pretty things for Fat Femme Laboratory. I do find myself frequently thinking that, Ooh! I can totally make *this* if only I had *this other thing*. So I now have a self-imposed moratorium on purchasing any new items or supplies for the shop until more things sell. Of course, in the meantime, there are still all kinds of things being planned, prepped and created, so it's not like there will be any shortage of goodies.

5. Look what showed up just in time for the storms to roll in for the weekend:

It's a raindrop pot. Yes, tiny little footed pots for catching raindrops (or, really, any manner of very small objects). The pots are absolutely tactile, with a form and texture that encourages touching. I think these would be great for putting at your desk to finger on those long phone calls, or while searching for the perfect way to word that report.

I absolutely love these little things, and I'm hoping to have a small army of them before the rains return for good this fall.

6. I do not, technically, have a bee update. However, if there was still a bee problem, I think I'd have heard about it by now. So my "by default" update is that Mr. Bee Guy must have, indeed, grabbed up the young queen, and the rest of her little swarm of smarmy drunk guys must have followed. Which means that all is (relatively) well in the world of Grandpa Land and we can go about our non-buzzy business.

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