Sunday, November 30, 2008

Barnuhbus - Our New Van

2005 Pontiac Montana. Seats 7. Yes, we did get the 60 month care plan. Any other questions? Because I totally forget what else I should say about the new car.

Other than: Squee!

PS: I could tell you when Satan's soccer practice is, but then I'd have to kill you.


Dawn on MDI said...

Is that REALLY parked in a handicapped space?

Snazzy thing - what's it get for gas mileage? How many people can sit in it (legally). Can you parallel park it easily? Does it have those space-age back-up cameras? Cup holders? DVD stuff in the back so the kids don't kill each other? Wicked cool!

dolphyngyrl said...

Yes, it's REALLY (legally) in a handicapped space.

Gas mileage: 19/23, seats 7 (legally), I haven't driven it, but SweetPea can parallel parket it REALLY easily, no back-up cameras :( , lots of cup holders and YES DVD player with video game system hookup. NICE!

We're totally in love. It's also equipped with onstar and xm radio.

Gruppie Girl said...

Does this mean that the Volvo is officially gone and buried?

Have fun you crazy soccer mom!

dolphyngyrl said...

We still have the Volvo, but we'll probably be selling the pain in the bumper.