Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Boss Rocks

When my boss found out that SweetPea and I got married, he all but squealed in delight.

For clarification, my boss has a lovely wife and young daughter, and, no, isn't gay.

Then he asked for permission to do something for us to celebrate our marriage.

Much like any other office, we frequently celebrate birthdays, new jobs and babies with potlucks and/or cake. And, of course, we celebrate new marriages.

Because of the controversial nature of our particular situation, I really didn't make a big fuss that we were getting married or that we had gotten married (ok, also, because there aren't a lot of people at work I have personal conversations with). The only people who really knew beforehand were the ones that came up and asked after The Decision came out.

My boss took me aside about two weeks ago to let me know what he had planned. He wanted to wait until this week because one of the other bosses was leaving and having her goodbye potluck last week. He timed it right after lunch so that, if someone objects to the particulars of our celebration, they don't necessarily feel like they have to raise an objection, they can just make other plans. He said that he would be bringing in cake and that he would be "hosting" the celebration because, in his words, "I'm a lot harder to argue with".

He said that there may be people in the office who have a problem with it, but that this is "what we do" when employees have events/changes/celebrations such as this.
Since then he's been so cute about asking me things like what kind of cake, and where should he pick up a gift card.

I know there will be people who today who will abstain from the party. I bet I know who some of them are, and the funny thing is that with some of them, it's personal and not political. (It's funny how one tends to make "enemies" when one insists that the job gets done correctly, the way one instructed someone to do it, and not just half-assed make-it-up-on-the-fly. I'm not sorry.) And that's ok. I guess I hope that, in our small office, nobody stays away for political reasons.

As the bossman said, no matter your personal beliefs, it's different when it's someone you know.

PS: I'm either fixing to start my period or get phenomenally sick. Not only am I breaking out, but this morning, when I took the tunnel out of my right ear lobe, a layer of flesh came with it. OUCH.

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