Thursday, July 10, 2008

In The News

Marriage Counseling?

Because six years as a hostage couldn't possibly affect how one might act or react in a given situation.

I can't even begin to imagine what it was like for her, or what must be going on in her head, but it seems to me that maybe we shouldn't be jumping to conclusions based on actions that occur so early in her return to a more normal life. I think it must be difficult to navigate a reconnection in a relationship after such a long and difficult time apart. I mean, your kids are always your kids, your mom is always your mom. Your spouse? It's a totally different type of relationship that is negotiated based on a number of factors, none of which include "birth", "blood" or "requirement".

Take a step back and give the woman a break.

Get Out of Jail Free

Just because their DNA wasn't at the crime scene does not mean they were not involved.

Issuing a clearance letter is a bad, bad, very bad idea, and if anyone ever takes that investigation seriously, it is going to bite them in the ass and hard.

Go Directly to Jail. Do Not Pass "I Do"

I can understand other states not recognizing same-sex marriages performed in California. In Wisconsin, however, they are taking it one step further and threatening to jail anyone who comes to Cali, gets hitched, and then heads back home.

Because "that's fraud".

Noooo.... Fraud is when you claim your incarcerated boyfriend as a dependent (your nephew) on your tax returns for three years running.

Getting married to someone you love and have been committed to for over 20 years? Not fraud.

Wisconsin, have you run out of drug dealers, murderers and child molesters to prosecute?

Maybe They'll Be Able to Tell When a Mortgage Is Going to be More than They Can Afford (no wonder so many people are pissed!)

The California State Board of Education has decreed that, starting in three years, all eighth-graders will be required to complete Algebra I.

As with any change, some people are ticked off about this. They think it's too hard to require that each and every student complete the course.


These kids aren't stupid. Quit babying them.

Pony up and teach them what they need to learn.

Challenge them early and often and you might be surprised by what they're capable of. I'm sure you'd also be surprised at how much better their futures might turn out if they're not coddled through 12 grades of "well, we don't want their feelings to get hurt" or "we don't want them to feel bad about themselves because they couldn't do it".

And then maybe you wouldn't have a(nother) generation of whiny Me-People that think the world owes them because they were kind enough to grace us with their presence.

That's It

That's all I've got kids. All the news that's fit to slam.

This morning.

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