Monday, June 16, 2008

Say a Little Prayer

We had some sad news regarding one of the god-doggies over the weekend. Mr. Beauregard has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Sadly, it is inoperable and untreatable. All that is left is to make him comfortable.

While I am not above hoping for a miracle, I know that would be, largely, false hope.

I hope, instead, that Beauregard's transition is a peaceful one. And I hope that the winedog takes full advantage of her support system as often as necessary.

As much as I know Mr. Man will be missed, and as hard as I know it will be to let him go, I also know that, as doggie lives go, he had a damn good one. The winedog is particularly adept at spoiling doggies rotten without making spoiled rotten doggies.

The Dogs are in my thoughts today. I hope that they can all find peace through this difficult time.

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