Monday, June 16, 2008

Loong Day

I'm working two hours of overtime on each of the three days that I'm working this week. It's the end of the fiscal year and things have to, finally, be caught up and up to date before the close of the year.

I've spent most of my day, so far, prepping requests for information to various agencies across the state. I generally go directly to the agency website for the mailing address, because that's usually the most current source of information.

From agency to agency, each website is thoroughly different, and the options for locating a mailing address can be totally random. Sometimes, it's very easy, and, other times, it's like pulling teeth.

Is this hide & seek?

I hadn't thought so. It is so frustrating to not have a consistent or similar layout throughout the agencies. They are, after all, doing similar works. Why can't I just click on "contact us" on each website and be presented with similar information from one agency to the next? Why does one have every phone number in the entire agency but no mailing address and another have only a link for sending email? Suck, I tell you! Suck!

Ordinarily, I would be taking break soon. My brain and body know this, and they both feel like it should be break time. Any. Minute. Now.




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