Monday, May 19, 2008


Today something went on sale that I think you all should purchase.

It's not often that I go so far as to say that, so now's the time to listen up.

There's a blogger who goes by the Fat Cyclist. He's been blogging for a good while about cycling, and isn't nearly so fat as he started out. His wife has cancer. She had beaten it previously, but it returned, metastisized, and has attacked her brain. To help cover not only her medical and daily expenses, but, also, the expenses incurred by the friends and loved ones who have stepped up to the plate to assist them in Susan's care, Fatty, in conjunction with TWIN SIX, released today the 2008 versions of the Fat Cyclist Jersey.

It is available in orange and a women's pink. It was available in men's pink, but that has already sold out.

Seriously, how cute is this?

There is a whole line of Fat Cyclist products, with 100% of the proceeds from certain items going to Susan's care.

Why I care:

WineDog linked to Fatty's blog when he first posted about the recurrence of Susan's cancer. I've been following it ever since, and have backtracked through certain posts. The love, devotion, humor, strength and sensibility in the posts and in their family is a blessing. That their family and friends have stepped up so wholeheartedly is a testament not only to their relationship, but to the kind of people that they are.

In the interest of full disclosure, as much as I'd love my very own 2008 Fatty Jersey, it's not an expense I can justify - even given the cause.

Instead, I'll be making a smaller purchase, and adding a donation (which you can do directly from Fatty's blog, if you'd rather go that route).

Whether you make a purchase or a donation, please help Susan win.

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