Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Neigh! Weigh!

Is this what looking a gift horse in the mouth is?

Because I'm starting to get irritated.

As of right this very second, we have two appointments - one for June 16th and one for June 17th. Apparently the clerk at the county office didn't get word yet about how it was going to work. Since this was only released a few minutes ago.

I'm so glad that we're not the "send out engraved invitation" types, because I'd be really steamed.

Of course, this doesn't affect our plans for the "Bat"* party or the reception, so that's good.

Keep your fingers crossed, we may be celebrating more than just a marriage at our Bat party.

*what SweetPea and Neighbor have dubbed the Bachelorette party, because they thought it was funny calling it that, but didn't seem to prefer calling it a Bachelor or Stag party, either. Plus it's way easier to spell.

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