Thursday, May 29, 2008



Driving by this on the way to pick up MonkeySee from dress rehearsal was more than a little shocking.

While we now know that it was mostly and relatively harmless, the school was crawling with sheriff's deputies, fire fighters and security guards when we drove by yesterday around 4pm. There was even a truck that had a trailered port-a-potty. Of course, we had no access to any information regarding what was going on. We cruised through the neighborhood to take another pass by the school. That was when we saw the news crew and the sheriff's department chaplain's car.

I initially thought that it was a drill, but it looked too much like the real thing. With all the news stories about violence at schools, it's scary to see something like that because you have no idea if this is another incident like this or this or this. Because it doesn't matter that it's not your kids. In situations like that, they're all your kids.

Oh, the Places We Can Go:

Once married, SweetPea and I would be able to move to New York and have our marriage considered valid.

Not that we're looking to move or anything.

I do wonder, though, if that means we'll have an influx of New Yorkers this summer looking to get hitched. That would certainly be a bonus for our economy.

Case in Point:

Here at the Verbosery, we strongly oppose breed-specific legislation. We feel that issues with dogs and, specifically, dog attacks have more to do with the humans that own, breed and control them than with the dog or the breed.

On May 27th, in Fremont, CA, a family Boxer mauled a 9-month old baby.

On May 11th, the same dog was under quarantine after biting an adult in the home.

Read the second to the last paragraph in that article. Stop. Read it again.

The family downplayed the first incident so that they could get the dog back.

Now, I have no idea what the dog's story is. What its history is. I have no idea what drove this dog to bite an adult or a baby.

What I can tell you is that any human that would downplay a biting incident to get a dog back into a home where a baby lives without taking serious precautions is ignorant, foolish and dangerous.

The saddest part is that the baby and the dog are having to pay for the gross negligence of the grown ups.

What About Macs?

There's a church behind the building I work in called Gateway Church. SweetPea and MonkeySee were chatting the other day, and they decided that it must be a church for computers.

Maybe their slogan could be: Religion is for computers afraid of going to Dell. Spirituality is for computers that have already been there.


I really want to go off on the two propositions that California is voting on in June, but I really need more time.

Anybody have some to spare?


Tonight is finally the night of MonkeySee's play. Hopefully I'll be able to take some snaps of the show. We'll see how that goes.

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