Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Did You See a Sign?

Twice now we've had random people knock on our door to ask if a vehicle was for sale.

Most recently, new neighbors stopped by to ask us if we would be interested in selling our Honda. Now, I can almost understand this because, clearly, the Honda doesn't go anywhere. She's registered PNO (planned non-operational) and, most likely, has a cracked block. Frankly, we couldn't move her under her own power if we wanted to.

But, really, if were interested in selling her, wouldn't it stand to reason that we might indicate that desire somehow? A "For Sale" sign, perhaps?

Am I missing something?

Is there some segment of the culture that considers it perfectly normal to approach someone at home and ask to purchase property that gives no indication otherwise of being for sale?

Is there something about me, my property or my vehicles that would lead someone to surmise that our situation is so desperate that we might jump on a random offer for something we don't consider for sale?

And, if so, wouldn't we be more likely to give up the gas-guzzling truck instead of the petrol-sipping Civic?


Thanks for deciding that you're only interested in the more economical of my vehicles. I appreciate that consideration.

I'm not even getting into the times we've been out driving around, in a parking lot or stopped at a light, at a gas station and had people ask us the same thing. Is that a pick up line?

Maybe next time I'll just reply with "Are you?" before walking away.

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