Monday, May 12, 2008

The Joys of Toddlers

Apparently, Miss Gomi got into something yesterday that she shouldn't have.

How did I find out?


About that.

About 1:30 in the morning, I got woken up by her whining in her crate in the living room. Usually this means she really needs to go potty. We haven't had this issue in awhile, so this isn't a nightly thing.

I dragged ass into the living room (I'm almost positive I got dressed first) and took her out front. Where she sat on her ass and didn't do much of anything.

So I brought her back in.

At which point I discovered that she'd had herself a bit of a mess in her crate.

Because I am a mean mean (and really fucking tired) dog mommy, I tossed her ass back in there and crawled back into bed.

In the morning, I discovered that it wasn't just a little mess.

Apparently, when Miss Gomi started having diarrhea, she was a little concerned about what was going on in her hindquarters.

So she felt the need to investigate.

By "chasing her tail".

While having diarrhea.

It was beautiful, let me assure you.

And smelly.

For those of you who might care:

Keep your fingers crossed for me. I have an interview tomorrow afternoon. I'm hoping to find a good fit. I'm hoping it is a good fit.

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