Friday, May 23, 2008

How Many Beers Was That?

Long ass day.

I am so tired.

Came home to put the Monkeys to bed. About to head out to see if there's anything left of the driveway party. They were all smack-talking B when I left.

Photojournalism coming up this weekend.

Found out today that the rash I've had isn't because of leprosy, as I'd predicted. Rather, it's a wicked combo of stress, dry skin and allergic reactions.

How fucking awesome is that?

It's not bad enough that I'm losing my hair and gaining weight, now I'm itchy and poxy because of my job.


Oh, yeah. And now I'll be taking two allergy medications probably daily.


1 comment:

elphie said...

I'm happy that you're not a leper... because I touched you yesterday. :)