Friday, May 23, 2008

101 Reasons Why I Love SweetPea

  1. She says "settin'". As in "Why are you just settin' there?"

  2. She still remembers the combinations to M's locks from when we borrowed them from Harvest Festival

  3. She's my own personal heater when we snuggle in bed at night

  4. She shares lollipops and popsicles with the dog

  5. She knows when her socks are on the wrong feet, even though she can't feel her feet

  6. Her socks belong to specific feet

  7. Waking her up is as easy as pulling back the blankets, and untucking all the pillows but

  8. I think she often isn't actually "awake" until midway through her shower

  9. She likes to watch the tear jerkers

  10. And then gets mad when she cries

  11. The way she uses the word "beholden" (i.e. correctly)

  12. The way she has instigated the use of "beholden" in my own vocabulary (i.e. "pft.. whatever. I'm not beholden to these freaks.")

  13. "Crick"

  14. She knows that cake is a food group

  15. But not a daily nutritional requirement

  16. She sees nothing wrong with giving the kids donuts for dinner

  17. "Over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders"

  18. "Look at my hair!"

  19. She believes that salami dipped in buttermilk ranch is an acceptable snack because "it's protein"

  20. She can talk just about anybody into just about anything

  21. She's my harbor

  22. The faces she makes when she sees chubby little babies and chubby little baby toes

  23. She sticks chubby baby toes in her mouth

  24. She talks to Monkey See about "man stuff" without sounding creepy or weird

  25. The way she pouts and says "shut up!" when I mention that Monkey Do looks like she has boobies in that one shirt

  26. She answered the door naked

  27. If I pat her ass and she doesn't realize it was me, she'll "chase her tail" trying to figure out what was touching her

  28. Sometimes she does things just to make me laugh

  29. She really did think waxing was like Nair

  30. Boy, was that a shocker the way she found out!

  31. She sends the straight boys to show me "the shocker" like they're a badass

  32. Because she knows I'll correct them and show them the right way to do it

  33. She never forgets that, when we're "out on the town", I can't go outside to smoke by myself

  34. She makes friends where ever she goes

  35. She finds someone she knows where ever she goes

  36. She stuck her hand down LB's pants

  37. Kitty!

  38. She can make perfect strangers cry (in a good way)

  39. She can make friends and loved ones cry (in a good way)

  40. She's considered part of the crew at Mr. Pickle

  41. She will ask the questions that everyone else is too polite to ask

  42. She knows you're not done popping Monkey Do's back unless she's farted

  43. She's a totally sappy, gooey, romantic person

  44. She wasn't a "cat person" until we got Gimpy

  45. "Shh! I'm trying to get my booty seep!"

  46. She likes to tell people I robbed the cradle because that five whole months makes me so much older than her

  47. "druthers"

  48. The pink pigs

  49. She's my Sunflower Girl

  50. That time she nearly killed us passed a car on a two-lane highway and narrowly missed the oncoming semi

  51. Two Little Girls

  52. She always knows that if I've gotten too quiet, I'm probably not up to something... I'm probably asleep!

  53. Sleeping Beauty Kisses

  54. Movie Star Kisses

  55. She loves the number five

  56. Butterfly Kisses

  57. She's obsessed with zombies

  58. She never forgets to remind me that she wants her soda without ice

  59. She named her dog Gomi even after she found out it meant garbage

  60. She took care of Betelgeuse because she knew I couldn't

  61. She reads the Archie's Digest Library

  62. She's never said that she didn't believe we could make something happen

  63. "Come to bed, SweetPea. You can twitter some more in the morning."

  64. She's bionic

  65. Mohawk

  66. Died blue

  67. "They did a really good job with such a small yard, didn't they?"

  68. Notices the gloves in the road

  69. Appreciates the beauty of the river canyons she crosses every single day on the way to work

  70. She rock climbed naked in Yosemite

  71. She always thinks I'm beautiful

  72. She once hot-hosed the inside of a Burger King

  73. Nakey Thanksgiving

  74. She helped free a bear trapped in a hatchback

  75. After she woke the car's owner up to let him know the good news

  76. She set her own finger with a bike tool and hockey tape after dislocating it playing wheelchair basketball

  77. She knows that, sometimes, the correct answer is "ice cream"

  78. She's never said that she didn't think I could do something

  79. Even though she sometimes rolls her eyes a little bit when I say something's funny about the car

  80. She taught Issac to sign "poop"

  81. She taught Monkey Do and our neice to throw the devil horns while hanging their tongue out

  82. Decided that Gomi's command for "potty" should be "cheddar"

  83. She wanted to do all of Gomi's commands in types of cheese

  84. She still won't eat at Charlie's because it's no longer Oregano's

  85. She can use a public restroom without physically touching a single surface, and, yet

  86. She licked a statue

  87. She believes the only art that should hang in our house is art we've created

  88. She likes things that are palindromes

  89. She's a voracious reader

  90. She is currently boycotting three radio stations

  91. She acts surprised even when she's not

  92. She picks beer because there's tits on the bottle

  93. She truly believes that people are really good at heart, even when all evidence is to the contrary

  94. She doesn't just think outside the box. She shredded the box and started a compost pile

  95. She names everything

  96. She cries easily

  97. She laughs often

  98. She loves deeply

  99. She understands you can still love someone even if you're mad at them or disappointed in them, or disagree with the choices they're making

  100. She'll call you on your bullshit

  101. She knows that sometimes it's time to walk away. And she knows that you have to be careful not to walk away too soon

And thirty-three years ago, today, at 10:36am, she was born into the world, the very first baby born in a tiny little hospital in Arcata.

And I couldn't be more thankful or blessed to have her in my life.

Happy Birthday, SweetPea.

How can you not love such a beautiful smile?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Baby Bee... For all that you are... And the fact that you took such an incredible amount of time... And thought into expressing your affinity for me... I never realized just how much alike we are... I feel just as we did when we FIRST got together... I'm glad that... What with all of the flexing our bodies have done over the years... That somehow... We still manage to FIT... And that's nothing short of a miracle... It's just US... And our good fortune...


You are my Baby Bee...