Monday, April 21, 2008

Totally Ornery

Yesterday was a Dog Day around The Verbosery.

I decided that I didn't feel like waiting to make it down to a dog-washery for Gomi to have a bath, so I tossed her used-to-be-white behind into the tub and bathed her. She actually did pretty good, compared to the virtually full-scale freak out she had when we took her for her last bath.

After an afternoon playing outside with Tatiana, both dogs came in and Tatiana got a full brush down.

To give you some insight into how my brain works, this is how the remainder of the evening progressed:

Tatiana got a full brush down.

Well, since she's all nice & brushed and has been sitting so nicely for it, I may as well try out that new harness and get it fitted to her.

Well, since the harness is on and all fitted, I may as well take her out and see how it goes. At ten o'clock at night.



I didn't try using any of the training tips. I literally just leashed her up and walked out the door. I wanted to see if the pulling would be lessened at all.

Nothing doing. She's still just as ornery as ever, tugging at the end of the lead, or deciding that we're going to stop here while she checks something out. She's pretty good with leave it, but that wasn't the issue this time.

She stopped at the end of our property and alerted towards the end of the street. Since it was pitch dark outside, I had no problem stopping and waiting to see what she was on about. An Explorer came tearing up the street that crosses ours, practically skidded into a turn up our street, and then came speeding up our street. The Explorer was followed by two other speeding vehicles, and came to a screeching halt in the driveway of the house kittie-korner from ours. One vehicle parked, the other went on down the street.


I love our neighbors.

I love my dog more. These particular neighbors have been the cause of quite a few visits by the police department, especially in the last couple of years. Between the domestic violence calls, and, last summer, the drug activity, Tatiana is used to alerting us to their goings on. Even SuperFat keeps an eye on them.

Tatiana heard that vehicle tearing through the neighborhood from who knows how far away, and was going to stand there and wait them out.

Anyway, I'm more than a little disappointed. I was really hoping the harness would show at least some difference. I mean, it's supposed to make it uncomfortable for her to pull, right? She didn't seem to mind at all, and would barely even turn her head when I pulled on the leash.

I've been pretty bummed, too, because I'm thinking "how am I ever going to get this damn dog to heel when she has no interest in walking by my side?" The training suggestions said to start by rewarding her for every step she takes by my side, but she doesn't take any by my side! I'm trying to keep in mind that my hormones are crazy whacked right now, so that's definitely not helping me deal. I'm also thinking it over and realizing some things I could probably have done better. I was hoping to try again with her tonight, but I may be taking on another project. I guess it will depend on how I feel when I get home, and how much I'd rather just crawl into bed and cry.

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