Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Short List

In the News:

What can I say about this that won't be said more elequently (and possibly more maturely) elsewhere?

Probably not  much.

So I think I will let that lie for the time being.

In Other News:

Our plans tonight may include a trip out to a Dog Party.

Yes, with both dogs.


On My Mind:

Snip, snip?

Surely just a passing fancy as my face is way too round (read: fat) for such short hair. My hair is bugging me, again, though, and it just seems like it would be so much easier.

Or, at the very least, it would mean that I wouldn't be wearing a pony tail every damn day.

Recreation without Barriers:


So looking forward to the midweek day off, even if I am going to spend it getting my ass kicked with busy.


I'll actually have some material tomorrow.

Today I'm tired and achey. WTF? Maybe it's the weather, because it's surely not because I've been doing anything remotely active recently (because I suck, that's why).


Gruppie Girl said...

That petition sounds horible.

Ever thought about moving to Massachusetts? ;) You know from my posts that I love Boston.

Hope CA smartens up and allows every family to have the same rights.

Anonymous said...

You know what MoM said about the whole petition thing... She wondered if it was even legitimate... Since you're bombarded by petitioners upon entering... and exiting stores... She said that those thigns are so confusing... and that people half the time don't even realize what they've signed by the time they've managed to get into their cars...

I believe that those petitioners should either have a strict set of laws to follow... and not be allowed to bamboozle the generall public with their smoke... and mirrors... Personally... and with all honesty... I think that those groups who utilize loop holes (as well as the writers of said laws... To ensure that the laws are being paid attention to when writen... and or made) should be tarred... and feathered... AND NOT FOR PRETEND...

It's disgraceful what politicians will do for a fucking signature...