Monday, April 28, 2008

Ratting Her Out

I told y'all I had photographic evidence that she can do it. I posted this previously to mwip, back when I created the comparison. The first picture is fall semester, second picture is spring semester. She was in adaptive pe classes four days a week, ranging from one class to three classes in a day, depending on the day. Drinking water by the jug. And not even watching her diet.

Can you imagine what the difference would have looked like if she had been watching her diet?

And so she's not getting ratted out on her own, here's me, only in reverse. This (seriously tiny) picture is me at an "ideal" weight - probably about 125. The shorts I'm wearing are a size 4, and probably the smallest item of grown up clothing I'd ever owned. I loved those stupid shorts. The suit was referred to by my friends as the Iron Maiden. The cups could stand up on their own. heh. I loved that suit, too.

I know it's tiny and it sucks. I have some originals from around the same time. Maybe I'll try to get them scanned so you can see it for reals.

This picture is from my birthday, this past February. In the dressing room at Torrid. I thought this dress was really cute, but they didn't have a size that fit my top and bottom halves. Once upon a time, it was that my top half was always larger than my bottom half. It's reversed, now.

I never wear dresses or skirts, anyway, so I guess it's a moot point.

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