Monday, April 28, 2008

Ah, the Reproductive Cycle

Monkey Do has a Betta fish, which you'd know if you'd read this. Her fish is named Lieu. As in "in lieu of". Technically, and this is a secret so you cannot tell her this, the Lieu cruising her tank is a replacement.

Yeah, I know.

You know what, though? Last year when the Original kicked it, we'd been going through so much loss as a family, and she was already so emotional, I could not bring myself to tell her that he'd died. So I just replaced him, as closely as I could.

I'm pretty sure she suspects, though, because the new fish doesn't look that much like the old one.

Anyway. Lieu has a buddy. When I replaced him and cleaned the tank out, I put a snail in there. The snail has been getting fatter and fatter, while the tank has gotten dirtier and dirtier.

Tonight, while I was doing dishes, I glance over at the tank and notice this thing above the water line. It's the kind of thing that, frankly, makes me kind of want to do the heebie dance and run for it. The other thing it makes me want to do is stare at it a lot and think about poking it.

I've mentioned being 12, right?

Anyway, after asking SweetPea to protect me go look at it, I hopped on the internets and did a little research.

Turns out, we may be having some new babies soon.

So I guess this means we're going to have to move the Betta to the big tank (finally), so he doesn't go nomming on all the babies. And then we're going to have to find homes for the babies.


OK, that's gonna suck.

PS: SweetPea suspects that Monkey Do is going to be starting her period soon. I hope not. It's a little early for that, I('d like to) think. Plus, I am way not ready for that.


elphie said...

Poor Monkey See with all the estrogen around him - he'll probably start his period soon too!

dolphyngyrl said...

Oh, no worries... He acts like he already has!

elphie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Poor emo boy!

Anonymous said...

If only the loppers weren't rusted... I'd give him a good clean cut... And I've even pre-warned him... That the first time anyone says anything about being "emo" in reference to him... It (his hair) is going to the "lopping" block...


Thanks Elphie... ;)