Monday, March 03, 2008

Indecisive and Klutztastic

The Doggy Debate Continues:

We were so close to having decided what kind of puppy to get. We'd found a breed that we both liked and all the information about the breed indicated it would be a pretty good fit for us and for what we were looking for. We placed an inquiry with someone who has a litter to place and we talked to someone who has one that we've always adored. It was starting to look we'd be new-puppy-moms in just a couple of weeks.

And then Saturday morning happened.

On Sunday, SweetPea was flipping through ad after ad for puppies, stopped at one, looked at me and asked "Why mess with a good thing?" She turned the laptop around to show me the ad.

For an Akita.


We were so close!

After doing more research today online, I have to say I'm a big Akita fan. I know we got extraordinarily lucky with Tatiana. Every time I think of Akitas I think of her and how cute and fluffy and sweet and protective and loving and hyper and protective and big and fluffy she is. She's such a beautiful dog with so much personality and she's just about my favorite thing ever.

But would another Akita be the same as ours?

I don't know.

Then SweetPea was looking at more puppy ads and popped her head up to say "What about a Rottie?"

To which I replied: "Do you think it says something about us that the only dogs we seem to be interested in are banned breeds?"


I guess the search continues.

In the Meantime:

I've already warned SweetPea that when I get home tonight, Tatiana and I are going for Walkies, and, if she wants to go, she'd better have her shoes on when I get home.

SweetPea said that we need to go shopping tonight. But, you  know, I'm not "normally" home until almost 6, anyway, and the shopping can surely wait until then.


Other News:

I managed to step on and break my iShuffle earphones. Because I am a dumbass.

Hey! They made it a full year... That's kind of impressive!

Too bad they're essential to the survival of my sanity.


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