Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mein Linker Fuss

It occurs to me that I have never properly introduced Gimpy, even though I have spoken at length about SuperFat. Allow me to rectify that.

Here is Gimpy.

And here is his gimpy.

Gimpy is also known as:

Mein linker fuss

If I'm correct, he's coming up on his fourth birthday early May. We got him in July. When we got him, he could fit in my hand. We got him from an ad on craigslist. In a strange twist of fate, the family trying to find him a home included a woman I'd sat in two and a half years of German class with.

I'd also like to make clear that this kitten was the lovedest, most spoiled little kitten ever when we got him.

This cat has been blessed and fortunate a thousand times over. And we, by him.

We're going to be taking him to the vet soon to have him checked for arthritis. He's never had a problem getting around, but has always been sensitive about having his back legs handled. It seems to me that he's been a little more sensitive than normal with the recent cold, wet snap. I'd like to see what we can do for him if he is, in fact, in pain.

I'm headed back to work today y'all. Wish me them luck.


Gruppie Girl said...

So cute!! Your picture quality s amazing? Are you a photographer too?

Funny! I blogged about my cat today too.

dolphyngyrl said...

Yes, I am, and you can see some of it over here.

Those pictures, however, came from my camera phone. Pretty slick, huh?

I'm headed over to check out kitty posts just as soon as I'm more woken up!