Friday, February 08, 2008

What the Hell is a Rissue?

Previously I posted the totally TMI information about how I use (and love) cloth pads. What I may not have done was dish fanatically about how much I freaking adore the HagRag. For those of you following along, the HagRag is another in our collection of practically 33 year old piscean women. She is sweet and lovely and crafty and fabulous and I adore the ever-loving crap out of her.

I place an order with her every month.

Every. Month.

She makes so much good stuff, and I (and my pocketbook) believe in slowly building collections of things, rather than trying to get everything at once. Plus, if I do that, then I miss out on all the fun new fabrics!

So once a month I place an order, which can range anywhere from a new pad for me, one for Monkey Do (who I am also building a collection for), tsunami liners for said pads, or some Rissues.

Just what the hell are Rissues?

Well, I'm glad you asked.

Reusable tissues. That's the easiest discription. They're kind of like handkerchiefs, only smaller, and infinitely more fun. She makes them in the same fabrics that she uses for her pads, so they're soft and so much fun.

Personally, I have serious allergies. You may have just gotten a picture in your head about what that means, but, believe me, you have no idea. Anyone who has seen me in a full attack for the first time has said, essentially, "woah. I had no idea they were that bad!" Picture a really bad flu. For three months.


That's my allergies.

In an average year, it's no big thing for me to go through six of the jumbo boxes of tissues. By myself.

I think GruppieGirl may have just choked, so I'm sorry I didn't warn y'all first.

I'm pretty sure y'all can figure out why I love Rissues so much. First off, if I run out, I just have to run a load of wash. It's like having an endless supply, because they're reusable. They're also way soft, so my nose doesn't get red, raw, cracked and peely the way it does when I'm using regular tissue. They double as napkins if I need them to, and my mom thinks they're great for mopping her brow because they hold up and don't leave little white flecks all over her face. Plus, as much as I love the fabrics, this is so much less off-putting than being all "hey, guys, check out this awesome cute pad I have!"

She also has Rissues that are twice the width of regular Rissues. I love these because they work great for me first thing in the morning when I'm full of overnight phlegm. They also work really good as napkins. There are also Rissues that are slightly bigger than regular Rissues and are two-ply. Great when you need to mop stuff up.

Right now, the HagRag is transitioning to her new website, so not everything is available yet. However, she's offering free shipping through February 22nd and has added some seriously cute prints. Just today I got a new pad in the mail (along with a Rissue) that features Construction Vehicles on a grey background. So cute! And I just noticed that she's updated the pad-of-the-month, and I just might have to go order that, too.

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