Thursday, February 14, 2008

Doesn't VD Stand for Venereal Disease?

Right around this time of year I see posts on blogs - not all of them, but some of them - about Valentine's Day. Maybe you've seen them, too? You know the ones. Talking about how Valentine's is a made up, commercial holiday and that we should be celebrating our love for each other on more than just one day a year.

Well, of course we should. Don't be ridiculous.

I, however, love Valentine's Day. I love when everything in stores turns pink and red and white and fluffy and shiny and glittery.

I cannot, personally, find anything wrong with a day that celebrates love.

I don't need flowers or candy or jewelry. Please keep the candy, in particular, because I do not need that (although I'm sure you all know my feelings about chocolate cake)! I don't need stuffed fuzzies or cards or chocolate covered fruits. I don't even need all the fabulous pink and red and white goodies I see crowding store shelves.

I do think the commercialization of Valentine's has maybe gone a bit too far, but what holiday can't you say that about? I will totally not be sad when the jewelry store commercials stop. I hate those the most. There was one this morning where they are trying to hawk pearls instead of diamonds. I swear to you that the tag line in the commercial sounded like what they were trying to say was "if you don't love her enough to shell out for diamonds, the least you can do is get her pearls".

Yes way.

There's another jewelry commercial that grates my nerves like nobody's business. I won't name the company, but I think it may be obvious. Their commercial slogan?

"Every kiss begins with Kay!"


Exsqueeze me?

What, exactly, are you trying to say there? Because to me... to me it sounds like you're saying "If you want to get some, get her some diamonds."

Well, shucks, I guess that's better than saying that women are nothing more than $2 hookers. Because, you know... Diamonds cost a lot more than $2. So I think you can imagine where I'm going with that.

I think advertisers keep women entirely too hooked on the idea that expensive jewelry equals love.

Now, most of you probably won't know this, but I'm a member of blogher, and my little blog is listed in their blogroll. For awhile, I was a daily visitor. It's one of the few "blogs" I can access from work, so it became something I'd pop into on break and whatnot. I finally stopped visiting blogher altogether when I'd had my complete fill of articles that I considered patently insulting listed, in all places, in the feminism section.

Articles such as "You're not too smart to catch a man" and "Quit waiting, single girls, and buy yourself a diamond". OK, so those aren't the exact titles, but you get my drift. Are articles about how to buck up and not worry that you'll be single forever just because you're smart, and how it's ok, really, if you buy yourself a diamond instead of waiting for Mr. Right to come along and propose really considered feminist fare?


Yes, actually, I do find that insulting.

For clarification, I'm not saying that because I'm a lesbian and, therefore, don't need a man. I'm not saying that because I'm married and, therefore, not worried about being single.

It is insulting to me because, as a woman, I know that I am a complete and whole human being. I don't need a romantic relationship to "complete" me. I am a whole composed of many parts, and, yes, "mom" and "wife" are two of those parts. If my path had been different and my current life involved neither of those parts... Yes, I'd probably be a slightly different person, but I would be a complete and whole human being, nonetheless.

SweetPea doesn't complete me because I was whole to begin with.

SweetPea does, however, compliment me like nobody's business.

I resent advertisers and society trying to tell her that she needs to get me a card and flowers and candy and jewelry to prove she loves me one day a year.

SweetPea doesn't need to prove she loves me any day of the year.

I know she loves me.

And that's better than anything pink or glittery and fuzzy that she could bring home for me.

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