Friday, December 14, 2007

Google Keywords

Google keyword searches – Week of December 8 through December 14, 2007

1. Six separate hits from the search “etsy review”. I wonder if that’s going to pick up after I post the new Etsy Review (Product Specific!)?

2. Two separate hits from the search “noble vegetarian” and, just to shake things up a bit, one from the search “the noble vegetarian restaurant”. It would totally be super if I could at least get some feedback as to whether or not they’re finding what they need from my blog. One visitor arrived via mobile internets (i.e. – cellular service) and stayed a whopping five and some-odd minutes! Maybe I should get one a menu from Noble Vegetarian, scan & post it. You think that might help these folks out?

3. Finally, if you don’t count codejnki’s search*, that is, there was one hit from the search “Christmas eve monologue”. I REALLY don’t think they found what they were looking for, though. But that’s ok.

*codejnki (and I know it was you because I know where you live) came a-visiting via a search for “verbose means I ramble”. Fortunately for him (and everyone else involved), I was first on the list!


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