Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Etsy Review

Things I found/looked at one etsy:

This super cute bumble bee charm! SweetPea's nickname for me is BabyBee because, yes, we are that nauseating.

I love looking at the bath and body section. I made soap for awhile as a hobby, and while I enjoyed it and was pretty good for having no experience whatsoever, the soaps listed on etsy are so super-fab they blow me away! I can't believe all the deliciousness that's on display and I'm kind of glad that I have a scant ounce of self-control!

I definitely want to order some of this Black Honey soap because I am so over this adult acne!

I also stumbled across this store, which has the cutest little rubber duckies ever!

I spent some time cruising the market totes section because, you know, if I'm "going green" that must mean I'm making more purchases first! Uh... Oops! Maybe not? I really liked these - the size and shape look perfect for shoppers that have families and are likely to make larger purchases.

I started on etsy yesterday looking for something for my stepmother. We aren't exactly close, so that makes it seem harder to shop for her. I looked at necklaces first because I know she has a fabulous collection and I'm sure she'd love a new piece. Then I started looking at tea cups, because she also collects those. I moved on to candle holders and briefly thought I had a winner before I had second thoughts and moved on again to bookmarks. I saw lots of super cute things during my perusal, but I'm not sure if any of them qualifies as the gift.

I love these bookmarks! What a great idea - perfect for anyone that just has to write something down while reading a book. Or for students, who make notations while reading.

I also looked for something for my Aunt and got a fabulous idea and will probably be hand-making her gift. My aunt loves lavender dryer packets and was purchasing them through a local vendor at the Farmer's Market. Well, he raised his prices some time last year and I think she's never quite forgiven him. This is a fabulous idea for a re-usable packet that you simply empty and refill instead of throwing away and purchasing a new one! Awesome! Since my aunt lives close enough to the Natural Foods Co-op to make me jealous, it will be pretty easy for her to refill the lavender after the initial amount is gone.

I also keep trying to look for something for my mom, even though I swore I had all her Christmas shopping done! I think there's just a lot of things on there that she'd enjoy.

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