Thursday, September 27, 2007

Can there be parking lot rage?

OK, I know it's totally irrational, but this just irritates me so much! Does she not know how to park? Is she really so concerned with the safety of her precious car that she thinks it's ok to take up three parking spots?


Because that's insane!

Now, you can tell from the picture that there are plenty of space in our parking lot, so, from that standpoint, this is really not a big deal. But what does she do when she goes grocery shopping? Or to the mall?

And! This is about the eighth car she's had! All brand new and pretty and shiny. She also doesn't seem to come to work that often, because I don't see this every day. Unless she's got a junker she brings for work or she carpools. Personally, I want to know how a government employee can afford all these nice, shiny new cars. I've seen our paychecks, after all.

Also, is it bad that every time I see this, it makes me want to "accidentally" clip it on my way out or "accidentally" key it on my way to my truck?

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