Friday, August 10, 2012

What's Going On

Nice directions, Stella.
My GPS, Stella, thinks she's funny.

My Precious Number Three

I love Norman's awesome bat ears.
I got to meet a superstar. He's a big lug and I love his ears.

Gomi has a new friend, Carrie.
Gomi had a playdate with the Monkeys' dad's new dog, Carrie.

Love today's mail!
Looking into publishing a photography book & I had to buy a sample for quality control.
By the way, I totally recommend the LIttle Nude Book.

BTW Van's makes REALLY GOOD wheat/gluten free waffles.
On a lark & a hunch, I tried eliminating wheat from my diet. It would definitely appear that I am allergic.
When I slip up and end up eating something made with wheat, I get decidedly allergic reaction symptoms.
I may go into more detail about this soon.
Until then, just know that no meat + no wheat makes me a joy to have over for supper!

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