Thursday, May 03, 2012

Catching Up

I attempted to post an update last week. Blogger has, apparently, been refusing to post pre-scheduled posts or work on an iPhone, which led to Blogger completely eating my post. Which is always nice.

I am debating making the move to Wordpress. Truthfully, the only thing holding me back is my reticence to give up the hours it would take for me to make that happen.

Because I am lazy and there is so much yoga to do!

I'm hoping to get regular posting back up soon. It will be nice if that does not require a platform switch, but I'm not sure if that's going to work out at this point.

In the meantime, while discussing my desire to read my work (namely poetry) at an open mic night (and lamenting my lack of readable fodder), it was brought to my attention that - Hello! - I have an entire blog's worth of potential fodder.

Do you have any idea how old this blog is? Don't go look. It's kind of sad.

So I wanted to ask you my beloved and devoted readers (all six of you)... What are your favorite posts? Preferrably not the ones with just photos (although I guess that would be nice to know). Which do you think would translate best to readability. Out loud, I mean.

While you ponder that, have some photos:

I'm pretty in hate with my allergies right now.
Climbed a mountain to do yoga. Allergies fucking suck.

Over 5 years old, I dropped it in the gym. Irreplaceable.
I've had this for five years and dropped it in the gym. It's appropriately named My Precious.

Hanging with Girl Monkey at the laundromat.
MonkeyDo hanging in the laundromat.

Girl Monkey asked if this was my yoga name.
Practicing in the gym's fitness room. MonkeyDo asked if this was my yoga name.

Training over. Beer on.
I don't know if I mentioned that we went (gluten, sugar, and) alcohol free for Yoga Teacher Training.
This is how Monday went down.

Gluten free vegan mac & cheese from @wichonwheels? Oh hell yes!
This is gluten free, vegan macaroni & cheese with "bacon bits" from the Wicked 'Wich. It was legitimately better than most of the mac & cheese I've tried in restaurants. I love how much vegan and gluten free food the 'Wich is putting out. They're even doing Meatless Monday, where everything in the truck is vegan. How fucking awesome is that? Yup. Pretty damn.

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