Thursday, April 19, 2012

Race for the STARS

In running news*, I've signed up to run the Race for the STARS, which benefits the Monkeys' school district. It looks like it will a fun evening race with a festival afterwards. If you're in the Sacramento area and can, it would be super if you signed up to run (or walk!), too. Or if you donated or became a "virtual" runner.

I'm sure our district is not the only one suffering from budget cuts in this economy, and this is one way we can help them out directly and immediately.

It breaks my heart to listen to the Monkeys talk about which of their teachers got pink slips this year. I'm running for a district where pink slips are unnecessary.

What do you run for?

*There isn't a lot of other running news going on. Excepting that, for the second year in a row, I may DNS (did not start) the Parkway Half. Yoga Teacher Training has been kicking my ass so thoroughly I have not been getting the appropriate training in. I'm attempting one last long run Monday and then making a final decision. Regardless of my decision, I do intend to run the TBF Racing XTreme Run on April 29th, and then probably not much else until late summer.

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Susan said...

oooh! with Drewskis and Cupcake Craving sponsoring.....(see why I can't seem to lose weight? lol!)